Having that glowing beautiful skin is what makeup dreams are made of!

Current makeup trends are featuring that all over glow, fresh and healthy look. The blinding highligh is staying in 2016/2017 and this year is all about that ‘inner glow’.


My go-to kit product to achieve this glowing skin is the MAC Strobe Cream range. Regardless of your age and skin type you can use this product to enhance any makeup look. Below are a few ways you can use this product to achieve your desired look!

♥ After completing your skin routine in the morning, you can use the strobe cream as a primer or in conjunction with your primer and apply it under your foundation. This will allow a sublet glow to come through but not an all over glow, which is not for everyone.

♥ If you are heading to the gym and don’t want to wear makeup but still want that natural glow, you can apply strobe cream just by itself after your skin care routine. With the use of the tinted strobe creams (such as Peachlite or Goldlite), there is an element of colour correction that enhances your skin and gives off a flawless glow. I use this tip on my makeup free days or when I am just in a rush in the morning but still want to look awake and healthy!

♥ If you do like your glow to be more prominent, you can mix some strobe cream into your foundation. This will give a much more glowy effect all over!

♥ For a more sublet highlight, you can dab strobe cream on top of your foundation on the high points of your face, where you want the light to reflect. Remember cream products  work best on top of other cream products, so apply the strobe cream before you powder!

I have found strobe cream to be a staple in my kit. However, there are so many ‘strobing’ products that can be used in the same ways as outlined above. Other industry favourites I have used are the CoverFX custom enhancer drops and Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops – These are also great products and can be used to achieve the same effect!

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