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Pro Tip: When to apply concealer?

When does one apply concealer? a) before foundation; or b) after foundation? Imagine you’ve just concealed around your nose, chin, under your eyes, and your blemished areas and are about to go in with your foundation… By applying foundation on top, you’re going to move the concealer around and by the time you’ve finished applying your foundation, the concealer would have disappeared! You’ll end up … Read More Pro Tip: When to apply concealer?


Honeymoon makeup bag essentials!

Your honeymoon is all about relaxing and spending time with your new hubby or wifey, the last thing you want to be worrying about taking stacks of makeup with you! Whether you’re traveling through Europe or enjoying the white sand beaches of the beautiful Pacific Islands, you’ll be set with these three beauty products: ♥ Tinted Moisturiser (with SPF) Skip the heavy coverage and go for … Read More Honeymoon makeup bag essentials!


Pro tip: Does makeup expire?

You open up your travel makeup bag, ready to pack for your next holiday and you find that lipstick you forgot in there from your trip last year. Do you (a) think “Yaasss! Makeup packing complete” or (b) *Eww* and chuck it straight in the bin? One of the questions I get time and time again is does makeup expire? The short answer is … Read More Pro tip: Does makeup expire?