A go to pro product for all makeup artists are the MAC pro longwear paint pots. When working with my clients I often get asked what this product is and how to use it. To be honest, until my makeup training I too had no idea what this product was, how to use it or the power it has.

Paint pots are versatile and can be used on their own and in conjunction with pressed eye shadows or loose pigments. They are often described as a pigmented cream eye shadow that truly last all day long.

Personally, my favourite way to use paint pots are as an eye shadow primer. I have such confidence that the eye shadow on top will last the full day so I use this product on every single client. My go to shades for eye shadow primers are “Painterly” and “Groundwork.” I also have some darker shades for a super quick smokey eye or to enhance my mauve and burgundy eye looks.

Application tips

The most important thing that people tend to forget with this product is that is it SUPER fast drying, so you need to work quickly and ensure you blend it properly.

♥ My favourite brush to apply a paint pot with is My Kit Co. 1.23 All Over Shadow. The easiest way I have found is to work the product with my brush and then I blend blend blend across the eye lid where I want the colour.

♥ You only need the smallest amount of this product to get the pigment you need and remember, you can always apply more! A light handed approach is always best.

♥ Once you have blended the paint pot out – you are done! Boom – it is that easy! If you want to wear the paint pot as an eye shadow primer, simply apply and then proceed with the eye shadows/loose pigments of your choice.

For me, I can’t do a clients makeup look without these babies! I have the utter most confidence that my brides eye looks will stay put all day long and my event makeup girls cut crease will look amazing!

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